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February 2, 2021


On Mortarr, it’s all about your work. And the more images you have in your Showrooms to show off your products and product lines, the more visible you become to your target audience.


Your Showrooms give you the opportunity to showcase products or your company’s niche — or both. For example, say you’re a lighting company, and you recently completed an installation at a metropolitan museum — you could create a gallery featuring photos of your lighting at that museum. Or say you’re an office furniture company, and your niche is a particular type of chair function — you could create a gallery featuring photos of that function from multiple products or installations.


You should create Showrooms that not only showcase all that your company offers, but also Showrooms that highlight particular components or products.


Unlike internet searches or pages ripped out of magazines, images from your Showrooms are tied directly to your Mortarr profile, meaning potential clients know exactly how to get a hold of you for products.


Mortarr is what it is because of you and other professionals on the platform. Your beautiful imagery is what we’re all about.

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Join host Lindsey Rogers and guest Mortarr Customer Success Manager Sitraka Rakotoarivelo for a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to build a successful company profile on Mortarr. They'll go into edit mode on a Profile, Project Gallery and Showroom to show you how to tag your way to the top of the search results, on and off Mortarr.  



You should create Project Galleries or Showrooms that not only showcase all that your company can do, but also galleries or showrooms that highlight particular services, capabilities, or products.

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