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February 2, 2021


On Mortarr, you and your photos are the heroes. The more appealing the photos are that you display, the greater your opportunity to get in front of people looking for exactly what you do. So let’s set you up for success! Follow the tips below to ensure your photos look their best on Mortarr.


1. UPLOAD ONLY FINISHED PROJECT PHOTOS. Even if your work was only part of the finished project, finished project photos will highlight the scope of the project and showcase your capabilities.

2. CHOOSE QUALITY OVER QUANTITY. We want the best photos of your most beautiful work. If you have 5 photos of the same shot, only upload the best one.

3. LET THE IMAGE BE THE STAR. Don’t use photos with logos or words overlaid.

4. AVOID DUPLICATES in the photo feed by not uploading the same photo to multiple Project Galleries or Showrooms.

5. ONLY UPLOAD COMMERCIAL WORK. Remember, Mortarr features commercial work only. Don't upload any photos of residential work. 

6. SHOW CONTEXT. Showcase your products as they are used. For example, if your company makes conference tables, upload images of your table in a conference room instead of on a white background.


Frame 3.png

Photos should be jpeg or png files with the following size and specifications:

Overall photo size cannot exceed 30 MB

Note: Profile banner photo size is 2 MB or less

Recommended resolution is at least 150 ppi

Aim to have your horizontal photos sized 2100px x 1400px

Vertical images will work in a variety of sizes on Mortarr


Download the photo guide here.


If you need extra help with anything mentioned in this article, upgrade to Mortarr's Premium plan to get connected with a dedicated Client Success Manager. Our team is ready to take your profile to the next level!



On Mortarr, your work is shared entirely through finished project/installation imagery, so you can imagine the importance of making a good first impression to viewers by having quality photos. With high-quality photos, viewers can see the impeccable detail you painstakingly invested into your work.

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