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February 22, 2021


Magazine clippings. Google searches. Too many open web browser tabs to count. Tile, carpet, and paint samples. Binders, binders and more binders. Expensive trips to source inspo and products. It all sounds disorganized, time-consuming, expensive, and ultimately unhelpful. Enter Mortarr’s Design Rooms.


Accessible only to those with a personal profile on the site, Design Rooms give you the ability to save and curate the images that inspire you most to as many Design Rooms as you need. You can create an unlimited number, so the sky’s the limit in how you choose to organize your inspiration or projects. 


The best part? You never have to worry about where you found the image, or who the talented pros and brands behind the image are. Images saved to Design Rooms retain their information — and pro and brand tags — so you’ll always have access to the companies that inspire you most.


You name it, you can probably use Mortarr's Design Rooms to do it. Accessible only to those with a Mortarr Personal Profile; Design Rooms give you the ability to save and store images for your portfolio, a pitch or presentation, project inspiration, or client work. You can invite others to collaborate and comment within your Design Room or keep them private. The flexibility is endless!

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