By: Sadie Wuerflein, Customer Success + Insights Director, Mortarr

Mortarr set out to change the way the commercial construction and design industry works – from how people source inspiration, specify products and find pros, to how connections are made, and projects are managed. To do that work, we knew we’d need to build a community. A community of subscribers who would use the site as it was intended — experience Mortarr streamline and enhance their professional lives — and indicate what enhancements would sweeten that experience for them. Truly, become as passionate about Mortarr as we are.​

To guide that work, Mortarr created the position of Community Manager and I’m proud to step into the role. So, what does a Community Manager do? Funny you should ask. For me, and for Mortarr, it’ll start with two things:


1. I’ll help make sure our existing users have the best experience possible by ensuring their questions are answered, and their feedback is heard and utilized to drive enhancements on the site. I’ll also work with them to ensure Mortarr is as streamlined and valuable to their daily lives as possible.


2. I’ll be letting the world know about Mortarr and how having a personal profile on the platform can change the way they work. The bigger our community gets, the better it is for everyone!


Please reach out if you have any questions I can answer, or if there’s any way I can help make your Mortarr experience even more amazing. My hope is that my work will not only strengthen our users’ connection to Mortarr, but to each other. Only then, can we truly can build beautiful business together.

UPDATED: September 30, 2019

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