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By Blake Adams 

February 22, 2021

Mortarr is the search engine for space makers in the commercial construction and design industry. Companies showcase their services and products so users can find exactly what they are looking for. So why not add sustainability? Well, we have. 

Has your company already achieved sustainability certifications? Start showcasing your work on Mortarr


First, let’s level set on what we mean by going green. 


Sustainability is a leading conversation in our industry. Manufacturers are putting resources into making their products more eco-friendly and sustainable while more and more of the A+D community is looking into accreditations such as LEED + WELL.


This sector has been gaining momentum in the last decade and it is not slowing down. Mortarr is committed to your commitment. We’ve been working with the commercial design community to learn about what you’re looking for, what you’re trying to find, and what you want to see, rounding out our ## certifications and filters to choose from on the platform. We know this is just our feet in the starting blocks, but we’re in the race with you. 


A company or product’s transparency is one of the main components of sustainable initiatives, meaning no guesswork on what’s going into buildings, where the products come from, or the overall impact on the surrounding environment.


As an individual or team, sourcing Certified professionals and products, sets you up for success in creating a more sustainable project.

Individuals and companies looking to go green when it comes to their projects and product sourcing often start with the same questions: How do I start? Where do I look? Who works in this sector? What makes a project green? What products are sustainable? 


Mortarr’s green initiatives help you find all of that information within a few clicks. And the best part — it’s all on one site. 


Browse Sustainable Inspiration. Start with Mortarr’s Inspiration feed. You can filter down your results by company, project, and product-level filters.


Look for Green Product Tags on Mortarr. Product tags on Mortarr give users more information on the products they are seeing. Users can order product samples, download product specifications, access additional product information, review associated product certifications, and reach out to the manufacturer directly for more information.



Look for the Green Leaf on Project and Company Level Information. Users will see Green Leaf Icons across the site to easily identify which professionals have been involved with or work in the sustainability space and which projects have been certified.


Group 490.png

 It’s a jungle out there. Companies with certified products or projects receive Mortarr’s green leaf icon so you can easily identify them while you’re browsing the site. 

Group 491.png

From gray to green. Certified products receive a visibly green tag allowing you to easily choose what’s right for your projects and our future.

Group 493.png

Mortarr's certification tags showcase the sustainability certifications a project has achieved and help you find what you’re looking for faster with dedicated filters for each one. Easy as 1, 2, green. 

It all starts with a company profile on Mortarr. By adding your best projects to your Mortarr profile and including the appropriate sustainable tags at a product or project level, you make sure your company is found for the hard work you’ve put in. 



Tip: If you’re a product manufacturer wondering where to start in going green, we recommend beginning with Declare. The nutritional label for building materials. A few tweaks and improvements in the design of a product or its use can have huge effects on the environment and the energy consumption a building may use and may get you well on your way to being a certified green product. 


If you’re a project owner who’s looking to get your project LEED Certified, for example, we recommend sourcing a professional who is LEED-certified.

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