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Minor Myers, Jr., said it best — “Go into the world and do well. But more importantly, go into the world and do good.” Our Do-Gooder Awarrd, goes to the project and subscribers whose crazy good skills don’t just apply to paying customers, but to the world at large and they actively seek out opportunities to make a difference not only in their industry, but in their communities.

As the global COVID-19 pandemic grows, Andersen’s Research, Development and Innovation team has added a new focus: designing, developing and manufacturing critical PPE (personal protective equipment) to support frontline workers’ efforts to fight the virus in our communities. Andersen will donate over 50,000 face shields to help protect health-care professionals and first responders working on the frontlines. The company is also providing 100,000 face shield components which will be donated to organizations that require critical parts to complete their face shield designs.

When you're not an essential worker, what can you do to help the global fight against COVID-19? HDR team members asked themselves that same question and ended up tapping into their skillsets to make small businesses across the country safer. Elizabeth Von Lehe shares more.

Gator Millworks, who began building a new facility on Highway 190 between Denham Springs and Walker in 2019, manufactured plastic face shields for healthcare workers and individuals who were looking for an extra layer of personal protective equipment (PPE).


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