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July 1, 2021

Mortarr breaks down how to capitalize on digital marketing within the commercial construction + design industry.

The way commercial designers, architects, and specifiers are sourcing new products has changed. The process now begins with a digital search. So, if you've been looking for a sign to really dive into your digital marketing strategy, consider this it.

In order to utilize a digital approach to grow your business, you have to meet your buyers where they are — online. It can be overwhelming to start, but here at Mortarr we pride ourselves on being your marketing right-hand. We're here to help you navigate this changing landscape and make the most of your digital marketing strategy.

Prefer video? Watch here.

“We’re different because we’re B2B” is simply no longer the case.

In a recent internal study, Mortarr found that 97% of designers cite the first step in their design process as a digital search. Professionals want to search in the most efficient way possible from sources they trust. There is a need for immediacy in gathering the information needed to spec a product into a project plan. 


In short, it’s past time to figure out your digital marketing strategy. Buyers are looking for information and in order to survive and grow, you must meet your buyers where they are — online.

How are you getting in front of these new buyers? Many companies believe that a website and posting to social media is all that is needed in order to truly market digitally. 


While traditional marketing tactics like print and tradeshows are still alive and well, these tactics simply are not enough to keep your business growing. And despite the drastic changes in buyer behavior, companies have been laggards to adopt a digital approach to acquiring new buyers. 

A website and social strategy primarily puts you in front of buyers who already know who you are. So you have to ask yourself, digitally, how are new buyers finding me? A strong digital marketing strategy includes: 

  • An Engaging Website

  • SEO 

  • Content Marketing 

  • Email Marketing 

  • Social Media Marketing 

  • Search Engine Marketing 

  • Paid Media + Trade Publications 

  • Display Advertising

It’s a lot. That’s why we built Mortarr — to make it easier for businesses like yours to market to this new age buyer without the headache of doing a million great things all at once. 

Mortarr is a search engine for the commercial construction and design industry. Mortarr is the go-to search engine for architects, designers, end users, general contractors, commercial real estate developers, etc. — they choose Mortarr when starting their search for inspiration, products, and professionals. 


By loading in your best commercial work to your company profile your company will:

  • Get in front of up to 20,000 new customers each month 

  • Show up in search results (say goodbye to page 13 of Google!) 

  • Have relevant content to share with both prospects and current customers 

  • Be featured on social media and in email marketing

  • Receive monthly reports delivered to your inbox on how many new customers you’re reaching

If you select a paid subscription tier, in addition, you will receive: 

Group 568.png

Help. Every paid subscription comes with a dedicated Customer Success Manager who is truly an extension of your marketing department. Whether it be building out and optimizing your profile or identifying promotional opportunities to promote your brand, your CSM ensures you’re getting found. 

Group 569.png

Leads. First name, last name, email, company name and title of registered Mortarr users who indicate interest in your products and/or services. Delivered to you monthly. 

Group 567.png

Advertising. Custom advertising plans come standard at the Enterprise and Marquee level. Your CSM will take your business goals and transform it into a digital marketing strategy. Then, our marketing team will craft all of the content. No extra work for you. 

To begin showcasing on Mortarr simply select your tier and follow the prompts to start your profile. Your dedicated CSM will be in touch shortly.


Prefer to get a personalized tour of our site? You can schedule that too — our team would be happy to show you around. 

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