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  • The Dan Wieden Awarrd is named after one of the great brand builders of our time. He famously coined Nike's "Just Do It." tagline and helped make countless unknown brands household names. This Awarrd goes to the subscriber with the most impactful marketing and overall brand presence on and off the Mortarr platform. It's the equivalent of the Academy Award for Best Picture. You have to do everything right to win.


Can we use the word iconic in this sentence? Anyone who can make a toilet feel like a treasure is doing something right. They have Moxie and class, and we believe their branding deserves some bold looks: 

Solid branding from this team shouldn't come as a surprise. These creatives are as real on the surface as they are behind closed doors. They don't just do projects — they do partnerships, and it shows. Their product line speaks for itself, and you'll definitely want to hang out with their team after spending some time on their social channels. Our words can't even scratch the surface — take a closer look for yourself: 

Three-time nominee and with good reason. SIXINCH is the best thing to come from Indiana since Hoosiers, and they have a stacked lineup. 
Collaborations with Draplin and Machine Gun Kelly, and a SXSW appearance are just a few of the things that will make you fall in love with this brand. They take fun, creativity, and function and wrap it up better than anyone else we know. See what we're talking about here: 

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