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May 14, 2021

Mortarr is more than just the commercial construction and design industry’s search engine showcasing your company’s best work. Our modern results make it easy to forge connections across the industry, and keep project teams connected.

Not sure who from your team should be on Mortarr? Here's our quick guide to utilizing Mortarr in every role.

Sales teams can utilize their personal profiles as a networking and prospecting tool. Creating a personal profile is easy, free and completely private. Send

messages, follow competitors, and save the work of potential

partners or clients for future reference in Design Rooms.


Design Rooms can be created for a specific product your company

offers, or a project you are trying to showcase and easily shared

via email, through presentation mode or even more simply via the

Mortarr app. Whether you’re on the tradeshow floor, inside a

showroom, or stuck on Zoom, you can show off your company’s

work or products in finished spaces through curated Design Rooms

crafted with your buyer in mind. Invite them to join you with a simple email address to keep the collaboration and conversation going. Design Rooms are private to you, until you invite someone to collaborate.

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Schedule a meeting with the Customer Success Manager that oversees your company profile to schedule a demo relevant to how you can use the personal profile.

Individuals in Business Development roles can use personal profiles to network and connect with other companies on Mortarr. 


Use the ‘Message Us’ feature to send emails, ‘Follow’ companies to stay up-to-date on new projects and products added to their Showrooms, and ‘Like’ images to save them to your Personal Profile. By doing these actions you can easily vet and reference potential partners at a later date.

As a Project Manager, you can connect with project teams as well as clients in Mortarr’s Design Rooms. Collaborate and comment in real time on imagery that showcases the product or project being worked on. Upload progress photos, floorplans, and inspiration to easily and effectively communicate with team members and clients. Source professional work or products on Mortarr based on budget, sustainability certifications, previous work, or location, and quickly share for input from your team. Your inbox will thank you. 

Dealers and distributors can reference a manufacturer’s Mortarr

profile and save relevant project photos to Design Rooms.

Whether they’re looking to share with a client how a product

looks within a certain setting, or highlight different product

offerings, Design Rooms make it easy to keep all of that

information in one place and share with prospects.

Pro Tip: The quickest way to increase visibility for the dealers and distributors you work with is to tag them as professionals on projects, giving them credit for providing the materials from the project. To be tagged, dealers and distributors must have at least a free basic profile. Once they’re on Mortarr, tag away!

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Marketing Teams use Mortarr personal profiles to search for inspiration and keep tabs on what competitors, partners, and innovators in the industry are doing. By following their Mortarr profiles, their latest projects and products automatically filter into your personal dashboard, meaning your personal profile is a one-stop shop for info you need to know.

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By signing up for a personal profile you’ll receive news and updates from Mortarr and The Forum so you’ll stay in-the-know on all things commercial construction and design. Consider us your industry insider for newsworthy trends, products, and projects, as well as how to effectively market your company.

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